You’re a Youth Ministry Trendsetter!

Your youth ministry values teaching core principles and stories from the Bible. More often than not, you encourage other ministry peers to do the same! Like other youth ministry “trendsetters,” your students and leaders will engage in conversation about what they learn from Scripture and how it applies to their lives.

You may desire to create more time for this dialogue. You may aspire to teach the Bible in more compelling and contextually accurate ways. Evaluating ministry effectiveness is somewhat important to you. You will utilize metrics to measure for growth and effectiveness at strategic times, but perhaps aspire to do this more often.


How could the Bible teaching in your youth ministry convey the full narrative of Scripture in a deeper way?


What are the ways in which you could create more space in your ministry for students to engage in difficult conversations about their faith and the Bible?


How could measurable insights about the spiritual health of your ministry be integrated more regularly in the rhythms of your strategic planning?

Small Group Series

Have you seen our small group series? These tools will help your students engage with the core truths of Christianity in a deeper way. With topics ranging from Mental Health to Prayer and Worship, the Q&A format is designed to encourage open and honest conversations about the Bible.

Insights Surveys

Want to discover more about the spiritual health of your ministry? Check out the Insights assessment tools that could help you gain insight about your students in areas including biblical beliefs, prayer, relationship with God, and more.