You’re a Youth Ministry Pathfinder!

Your youth ministry believes in the potential of Generation Z. You aspire to engage young people with Jesus, the Bible, and the local church in meaningful ways. Chances are, you are looking for better ways of creating a “pathway” for students to understand Scripture better.

Communicating the full story and context of Scripture may be an area that needs
growth. You could consider dedicating more ministry time and space for group
conversation about the Bible and God. Measuring for ministry growth or spiritual
health may be something you are aware of, but could be practiced more regularly.


What are the ways in which your youth ministry could share the full story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, with students on a regular basis?


How could your students and leaders talk with each other more and ask questions about what they are learning about the Bible?


What would it look like for you to begin measuring for the health of your youth ministry? In what areas would you like to glean more insight?

Insights Surveys

Want to discover more about the spiritual health of your ministry? Check out the Insights assessment tools that could help you gain insight about your students in areas including biblical beliefs, prayer, relationship with God, and more.

Small Group Series

Have you seen our small group series? These tools will help your students engage with the core truths of Christianity in a deeper way. With topics ranging from Mental Health to Prayer and Worship, the Q&A format is designed to encourage open and honest conversations about the Bible.