Make Jesus your Telos—your ultimate object or aim

With The Telos Bible in hand, you’re ready to take a close look at Scripture and then apply it to your daily life! God’s Word contains your road map to learning about God and the unfolding story of redemption and purpose.

Looking for a few ways to get started interacting with The Telos Bible?
Here are some suggestions:

Choose a reading plan from the Bible and be guided through passages at a structured pace. ​

Select a book of the Bible to start with and read the book introduction first before diving in. They give great insight and outline the structure of the book. ​

Engage with the content by using the study questions as journaling prompts. You’ll find space to write in some of the margins.

Students’ Questions Answered

We asked students like you to share what they thought was confusing about the Bible. You have the opportunity to explore the questions they asked and see what the Bible has to say about that topic! These are a handful of the questions they asked:

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