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In our digitized culture of competition and comparison, teens are struggling more than ever with insecurities and confusion about their bodies. In this four-week small group series, invite your students to contemplate how all of who they are—body, mind, and spirit—has been wonderfully made for a purpose. 
Social media is undeniably an influence in our lives and communities. It's an incredibly powerful tool that can be used for good or for bad. Help your students explore what it looks like to follow Jesus both online and off with this four-week small group series.
Everybody desires to love and be loved, yet “love” is one of the most misunderstood topics in our culture. The narratives about this topic that the world offers are very different from the true image of love we see in God. Help your students unpack their assumptions and beliefs about love with this four week small group series.
God created us as whole people, our minds, bodies, and spirits woven together to form who we are. Yet, so often our practices of faith neglect our mental and emotional wellbeing. Help your students discover what God’s Word has to say about the importance of caring for our mental health with this four week small group series.
Do your students ever wonder what it means to have a God-given calling or purpose? Do they think about how their daily work has the potential to honor God? God created us for work! In this four week series, you’ll engage your students in conversations about how they can contribute to the flourishing of creation by the work they do and the way they do it.
You’ve seen it and research has proven it: Gen Z is confused about moral and spiritual truth. This small group series will help you create an environment for your students to wrestle with important ethical questions about absolute truth.
Mental health is a topic that the Church cannot ignore any longer. Our research shows that this is an issue your students care deeply about – and are struggling with themselves. This three lesson series will help you facilitate meaningful discussions about what the Bible says about mental health.
The four lessons in this series help prepare your students’ hearts for the Christmas season by explaining why the world needed a Savior and how we should respond to His birth, life, death, and resurrection.
This three-lesson series will help your students understand the power and importance of evangelism – equipping them with confidence to share the Gospel with their friends.
This four-lesson series guides students in healthy conversations about what the Bible says about gender and sexual identity – both for their personal lives and for society as a whole.
The four lessons in this series show students both the faults of and reason for humanity – providing direction for walking away from sin and into sanctification.
In this three-lesson series, students have the opportunity to explore the spiritual practices of worship and prayer and understand their importance in their daily lives.
In this five-lesson series, students will explore questions like "Who was Jesus of Nazareth? and "How did he fulfill his promises to Israel?"
In this three-lesson series, students will learn the value of God’s Word and how the Bible affects every aspect of our daily lives. (Series revised 7/20)
The four lessons in this series explore the biblical definition and mission of the Church and the role it has to play in the world.
The four lessons in this series are targeted at answering the question – what is salvation?
This four-lessons series looks at how Jesus came to earth and died an undeserving death to pay the debt of our sin.
In this four-lesson series, students will learn how justice and righteousness are an integral part of who God is.
This three-lesson series will help students understand why we are alive and how we can know God in a personal way.
The four lessons in this series explore the concept of creation – how God created all things and why He created humanity.
This series contains four lessons that delve into the hope that believers have of seeing Jesus return to earth as He promised.
In this four-lesson series, we look at the promises of God to mankind since creation and how He has fulfilled them through the ages.
This series devotes four lessons to unpacking the concept of sin, its consequences, and how to find repentance through Christ.
The four lessons in this series are targeted at answering the question – who is Jesus? – and understanding the Gospel Jesus proclaimed.
This eight-lesson series tackles basic questions about the foundational principles of Christianity – creation, sin, the Holy Spirit, and more.
Packed with eight lessons, this series explores key concepts such as the identity of Jesus and the meaning of life, prayer, and baptism.
This series contains four lessons that will help students to take a deep look at the image of God and see what it means to bear His image.
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