All Feed digital resources are completely FREE for local church use!


A set of weekly lessons to spark conversation in small group meetings

This small group series covers various topics such as identity and creation. Each series contains 4–8 weekly lessons that focus on one Q&A from The Catechism.

Every lesson contains an icebreaker, a short video, a Bible passage, and discussion and application questions.
A must-have resource for every youth ministry!

The Catechism

A downloadable PDF that offers a preview of the 70 Q&As in the devotional book

This resource offers biblically sound answers to common questions that teens have about the Bible.
If you’re looking for ways to engage your youth in open conversations, The Catechism is a good place to start. Get your free copy now!


A devotional book containing 70 questions and answers that explore core scriptural truths

Each section of the book focuses on one Q&A and supports it with a Bible verse, discussion question, and application question. This format offers plenty of opportunities to kick-start discussions in a small group setting. Place an order for your copy below!


Equip yourself with practical tools that will help you understand your youth better.

Insights offers you what you need – a scientific way of assessing the spiritual health of your church teens.

Our Insights resources include assessment tools to help you gauge where your teens stand on spiritual matters.
These tools will also provide customized feedback on engaging your youth.

Wondering how you would integrate these resources into your current youth ministry?