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Reading Plans

Watch, Rest, Repeat

God created us as whole people, our minds, bodies, and spirits woven together to form who we are. Yet, so often our practices of faith neglect our mental and emotional
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Truth Defined

You’ve seen it and research has proven it: Gen Z is confused about moral and spiritual truth. This small group series will help you create an environment for your students
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What is Love?

Everybody desires to love and be loved, yet “love” is one of the most misunderstood topics in our culture. The narratives about this topic that the world offers are very
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Work as Worship

Do you ever wonder what it means to have a God-given calling or purpose? Do you think about how your daily work has the potential to honor God? God created
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Social media is undeniably an influence in our lives and society. It has great potential to spread information and make change, but it also tends to mess with our sense
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New Creation

The God who made the world and everything in it is not going to abandon his creation to ruin. Instead, he has promised to remake the world that was broken
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The Church

Jesus did not only make a way for us to love God; he also made a way for us to love one another, to truly be the united and holy
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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the personal and empowering presence of God. If we belong to Jesus, the Holy Spirit makes his home in us. This 8-day reading plan takes students
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Grace + Forgiveness

Grace is God’s undeserved favor towards us. It’s undeserved because we didn’t do anything to earn it. God sees us, he knows our sins, and yet he still loves us
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Unlike other kings who set up their kingdom through violence and abuse of power, the gospels tell us that Jesus became king by dying. He took on the consequence of
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Jesus was the Messiah no one expected, but perhaps the most unexpected thing about him was the fact that he was fully God and fully man. The God who made
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The Old Testament is God’s promise to set the world right again after the fall of humanity. This 9-day reading plan takes students through questions relating to Abraham, the Israelites,
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It’s obvious that the world isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. Life feels a little off, and our world can feel broken. This 4-day reading plan takes students through
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The Bible is a story about God and his creation. This 9-day reading plan takes students through questions relating to who created them and why they were created.
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