Feed Lead

What is Feed Lead?

Lead is a collection of videos designed to equip you and your team with innovative approaches to youth ministry.

Lead videos are

Short and compelling

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Highly practical


Easily shared with your team

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Open and Honest Conversations Open and honest conversation matters to Gen Z, so how can you  incorporate them into your youth ministry?
GYC Panel: Spiritual Formation Why does spiritual formation matter and what does it mean for your youth ministry?
GYC Panel: Mental Health Mental health is a chief issue facing Gen Z. Join our panel of leading next gen thinkers as they discuss mental health research from the Global Youth Culture study.
Ministry Design This series will equip you to design your ministry to be both faithful to Scripture and effectively meet people's needs.
Youth Ministry Reimagined Join Eli as he breaks down three values for effective, innovative youth ministry that will lead your students to experience a lifelong relationship with Christ and the Word.
Engaging Gen Z with Scripture Join theologian Jesse Stone as he presents innovative ways for Gen Z to understand and relate to Scripture.
Feed Table Talk Leading voices and thinkers tackle some of the hottest topics in youth ministry and discuss the lessons they’ve learned while working with Gen Z.