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Getting Started

You can start by exploring the library where all the surveys are available. The surveys cover a range of carefully crafted topics that are relevant to today’s youth – from prayer and spiritual habits to biblical views and view of self. Find out more by clicking each survey for a brief summary.

We’re glad you asked! To help you decide, we’ve made it possible for you to preview the content of each survey form. Going through the questions will give you a better idea of the topics you can assess your teens on. You can check out the forms by clicking the Preview Survey tab inside each survey page in the library.

There are several ways you can share the survey with your youth group. You can copy the URL of the survey form and share it; you can also invite your students to take the survey via e-mail. Alternatively, you can share the survey on social media or embed it on your church website.

Absolutely! Before sharing the survey with your students, you can look inside each survey form to see the questions being asked. To use this feature, click the Preview Survey tab inside each survey page.

Yes, you can share the survey with more than one youth group. However, at the moment, we cannot create customized reports for each youth group. So, all the data and recommendations will be presented in a single report.

How it Works

It’s really quite simple. All you need to do is choose a topic that you want to assess your youth on. You can choose as many as you want from the nine topics featured. You can then send an invitation to your youth asking them to fill the online form, which is simple, conversational, and short.

As the form is filled, you’ll get a dynamic, easy-to-understand report that summarizes the health of your youth ministry and provides suggestions that can help you fine-tune it.

Anonymity is part of the charm! We care about creating a safe environment for young people to feel free to express themselves without fear of judgment. So, all our survey forms are designed to protect the privacy of your students.

There’s no limit on the number of people who can take an survey at a given time. You can invite as many young people as you want from your church to take part. In fact, the more teens you involve, the more insight you will get into what Gen Z really thinks.

These surveys will remain live for as long as you want, so you can go and view them anytime.


You’ll be able to see the report as soon as your students start filling the form. As it is a dynamic report fed with real-time data, it will take shape according to the responses that are submitted. For instance, a report based on 35 responses may look quite different from a report with just 10 responses

No, the report cannot be viewed by the students. Only you will be able to access the report.

Once created, the report will remain live on the website. This will allow you to go back and view it anytime you want.

Yes, the report can be downloaded in the form of a PDF for easy reference. To download the PDF, first click the ‘Preview PDF’ button at the top of the report and then click the ‘Generate PDF’ button.

We’re glad you asked because real-time data is a major ingredient in our reports. We use real-time data to measure key areas of spiritual health of teens that show transformative outcomes – not just numerical outputs of youth ministry measurement such as attendance and salvation

Not just that, real-time data gives the reports a dynamic visual quality. You’ll find it interesting to observe how the pie charts and bar graphs change in response to new entries submitted by your students.

The report will capture basic information of your students – such as grade, gender, and how long they’ve been attending their youth group. It will also show comparative data of the responses in the form of pie charts and bar graphs. That’s not all.

Based on the responses, the report will give you practical recommendations on how to engage and disciple your students better. These recommendations are the outcome of extensive research by the Insights team in collaboration with top youth leaders, parents, teachers, theologians, and researchers.

Absolutely. Our surveys have been programmed to make recommendations based on specific responses. This conscious move away from the one-size-fits-all approach is what makes Insights adaptable to your unique church context.

Yes, the dynamic nature of the report is such that it will evolve as more entries are added.


Yes, you can give access to somebody else by sharing your user credentials.

That’s not possible at the moment, but we’re working toward making this feature available in the future. Meanwhile, what you can do is share your user credentials with others.

Other Resources

Yes. As a matter of fact, we’ve got just the right resources that will help you put the recommendations into practice in your youth group. We encourage you to check out Feed’s Catechism resources. These resources are contextually relevant to Gen Z and will challenge your youth to have meaningful and honest conversations about the Bible.

The Catechism resources comprise three products: The Catechism, a downloadable PDF containing 70 questions and answers about core scriptural truths; The Catechism Devotional, a printed book that explores the 70 questions in greater depth; and a small group curriculum comprising eight series in downloadable PDF format. Explore the resources here and see what’s a good fit for your youth ministry.

The Q&A format of these resources will help teens understand the core truths of Christianity through reflective questions and discussions. While the devotional is suitable for both individual reflection and group study, the small group series will help you kick-start conversations in a small group setting.

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