What if you could get a realistic insight
into how your youth view their faith?

Are you listening to your youth?

16 %

of U.S. Christian teens have not attended church in the past
six months.1

of U.S. Christian teens have not attended church in the past six months.1

32 %

of U.S. teens said they stopped attending church because they were disinterested.2

63 %

of U.S. teens say they are not very sure if Jesus is the divine Son of God.3

98 %

of churches in the U.S. do not use any type of assessment to measure their discipleship goals.4

Tune in to what Gen Z is really saying about their faith by using the right tools.

What is Insights?

Insights is a library of micro-survey tools to help youth leaders measure the effectiveness of their youth ministry and the spiritual health of their youth.

Short and conversational
online questionnaires

Immediate and actionable insight and feedback

Holistic and integrative approach to youth ministry

See how Insights can help your youth ministry

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How does it work?

01. Choose an assessment topic

Start by choosing a topic that you’d like to assess your church youth on. You may choose from a range of topics such as prayer, biblical beliefs, spiritual habits, faith in life, view of self, and more.

02. Share the online form

You can then send an invitation to the students in your youth group asking them to fill the online form. The short, simple, and conversational style of the form is designed to cater to the youth.

03. Get insightful data and feedback

As your students complete the survey, you’ll get an easy-to-understand report that shows their responses graphically represented in real time. It will also include suggestions for ministering more effectively to Gen Z.

Insights has challenged me to ask the question – what are the signs of impactful ministry beyond the numbers?

Executive Pastor, Metro Church

Get better insight into the
spiritual health of your youth


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2 ​”T​he Great Opportunity: The American Church in 2050​”,
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