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Feed is a community of leaders and innovators who are dedicated to seeing youth ministries in North America succeed in raising up the next generation of Christians.


We propose a new way of thinking and going about youth ministry in the local church that has been specifically tailored to the unique characteristics and spiritual needs of today’s youth – Gen Z.


Designed by and for the local church, Feed products are aimed at rethinking youth ministry by addressing the specific needs of today's youth in a relatable and relevant way.

Feed proposes a new way of thinking about youth ministry that is tailored to the spiritual needs of Gen Z. This philosophy is defined by three core values – open and honest dialogue, robust Scripture engagement, and outcome-based ministry models. Click here to look deeper into Feed’s defining values.

Feed has convened the top youth pastors, church leaders, teachers, theologians, researchers, innovators, and ministry experts to answer: how do we raise the next generation to develop lifelong faith of their own? The thinking and practical resources offered through Feed were formulated to serve this purpose.

For starters, we are offering two suites of resources – Catechism and Insights. The Catechism resources include The Catechism Devotional book, a concise version of the devotional in PDF format, and a small group curriculum. The Insights resources comprise tools to help youth leaders assess the spiritual health of their youth.


We hope to supplement these resources with more products in the future, so keep checking our website for updates.

Our resources will help youth leaders get a better grip on the spiritual health of their church youth while understanding the needs and unique perspectives of Gen Z. Youth leaders will also be equipped with practical solutions for better engagement with their youth.

Check out the Catechism and Insights resources to understand how they can benefit youth leaders.

Our Catechism Devotional and small group series are contextually relevant to Gen Z. These resources will challenge the youth to have meaningful and honest conversations about the Bible. Click here to understand Feed’s resources better.

What makes Feed’s content offering unique is a systematic approach to deeper study of the core scriptural truths through relationally driven conversation.


What makes Insights unique is that it measures key areas of spiritual health of teens that show transformative outcomes – not just numerical outputs of youth ministry measurement such as attendance and salvation.

Most of our resources are offered to churches for free. The only expense you may incur is for the printing cost of The Catechism Devotional book.


Through our Catechism resources, we aspire to renew the practice of catechism among today’s youth. We developed our resources to align with the original intent of catechism – to teach the basics of Christianity, to build community with teacher/student through questions and answers, and to counteract the cultural heresies of the day.

That’s a good question. You will find that our resources are not prescriptive and one-sided but conversation-based and relationally driven. The modular format offers flexibility for churches to integrate the content in a way that fits the rhythms and cycle of their church.

Currently, our Catechism resources comprise three products: The Catechism, a downloadable PDF containing 70 questions and answers about core scriptural truths; The Catechism Devotional, a printed book that explores the 70 questions in greater depth; and a small group curriculum comprising eight series in downloadable PDF format.

All of these resources use the Q&A format to help the next generation understand the core truths of Christianity through reflective questions and discussions. Explore the resources here and see what’s a good fit for your youth ministry.

Minimalist and highly visual in design, The Catechism Devotional features 70 questions and answers about core scriptural truths. Each section offers a Scripture reference, an exploratory question, and an application question. Click here to explore the content of the devotional in more detail.

We’re glad you asked. The easy-to-use format of the devotional makes it suitable for both individual reflection and group study. While teens can engage with the devotional on their own, it’s a great tool to help youth leaders kick-start discussions in a small group setting.

The devotional is available for a minimum donation of $5, which is the cost of printing. You can place an order for a copy right here.

In the meantime, you can download The Catechism PDF, which will give you a sneak peek at what the devotional has to offer.

The Catechism small group curriculum is offered as series. Each series contains a set of weekly lessons that can be used by a youth leader in a small group context. Each lesson contains an ice-breaker, a short video on the topic, discussion questions, relevant Scripture passage, and application questions.

Click here to look at the unique themes covered in the small group series.

The small group curriculum is meant to be used in a small group setting led by a youth leader. The question-based resources have been specially developed to help youth leaders have engaging conversations about the Bible with their youth.

The small group curriculum is available in downloadable PDF format and can be accessed via mobile phone as well. Each of the eight series can be downloaded individually – for free! Check out the complete series right here.

No, there isn’t. And that’s the beauty of this series. It is intended to be modular in format, so you can start with any small group series of your choice. Why not see which one you can start with?


Insights is a digital platform that hosts a library of micro-assessment tools to help youth leaders measure the effectiveness of their youth ministry and the spiritual health of their youth. These tools have been created to assess Gen Z on spiritual matters and provide actionable insight to help minister to and disciple them well.

The Insights team collaborated with top youth leaders, parents, teachers, theologians, and researchers in order to create assessments that measure the practical needs of today’s youth and provide strategic feedback.

The Insights resources were built with the singular goal of equipping youth leaders with insight into the spiritual health of their church youth. Armed with actionable insight, youth leaders can guide their youth better and make sharper decisions about their youth ministry.

We’re glad you asked. What characterizes our resources is the way real-time data is used to measure areas of spiritual health and discipleship that show transformative outcomes, not just outputs of numerical value.


In addition, our tools are simple to use. It is not only easy for the students to take the assessments, but also easy for you as a leader to understand the results and integrate the insights into your youth ministry.

Insights is offering a library of micro-assessment tools that cover a range of topics that are relevant to Gen Z. These assessment tools are in the form of online questionnaires that are short, simple, and conversational. Click here to learn more about Insights.

For starters, we are offering nine assessment tools covering carefully crafted topics that are relevant to teens – including prayer, biblical beliefs, and more. We will be updating and expanding our library soon, so keep an eye out!

It’s really quite simple. All you need to do is choose a topic that you want to assess your church youth on. You can choose as many as you want from the nine topics featured. You can then send an invitation to your youth asking them to fill the online form, which is simple, conversational, and short.


When the questionnaire has been filled, you’ll get a quick, easy-to-understand report that summarizes the health of your youth ministry and provides feedback and suggestions that can help you fine-tune it.

That’s right! All of the assessment tools have been made available for free. Why not try out a sample assessment form to see how it can help your youth ministry?

Absolutely. Our assessment tools are programmed to make recommendations based on the specific results. This conscious move away from the one-size-fits-all approach is what makes our tools adaptable to the unique context of your church.

Anonymity is perfectly acceptable! We care about creating a safe environment for young people to feel free to express themselves without fear of judgment.

There is no limit on the number of people who can take an assessment at a given time. You can invite as many young people as you want from your church to take part. In fact, the more teens you involve, the more insight you will get into what Gen Z thinks.