How To:
Feed Under Quarantine


The coronavirus pandemic is affecting nearly every aspect of our lives - including youth ministry. A poll on our Instagram this week found that 83% of youth ministries in the U.S. have already stopped gathering in person. So - how can you continue to disciple your students during this unique season?

Using Feed Resources


It seems that digital gatherings will be our new normal for the foreseeable future. Consider using the following platforms to engage with students. It will be critical during this season to emphasize two-way communication between you and students. Remember: they want conversation, not information.

Example #1: Virtual Small Group

Each Feed small group series is completely free – and completely digital. By using a group video platform, our lessons can be utilized in almost the same way as they would by meeting in person. Below is an idea of what this could look like in practice:

Before Small Group

    • Select a small group series (there are 20 to choose from!)
    • Send students the selected lesson PDF (student version) so they can follow along on their own devices
    • Let students know how they can join the group video call

During Small Group

      • Start with a fun icebreaker question
        • Each lesson PDF (leader version) suggests an icebreaker game, but these will most likely need to be modified for a virtual meeting
      • Watch the lesson video together 
        • Leaders can share their screen on certain video platforms, or a video link can be sent to students to watch on their own devices
      • Read scripture together
        • Allow different students to read the various passages
      • Discuss exploratory, discussion, and application questions together
        • Encourage participation from all students
      • Pray together
        • Students need to be reminded to cast all of their anxieties and fears on the Lord during this season

Example #2: Social Media Discussions

Each Feed small group lesson is packed with thought-provoking, discussion starting questions. Even if you aren’t planning on leading students through a complete small group time, you can still allow them to engage with leaders and other students through social media interaction. Consider implementing discussion questions in the following ways:

Consider implementing discussion questions in the following ways:

    • Using the question feature on Instagram stories
    • Asking questions during an Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube live video and encouraging students to engage in the comment feature
    • Incorporating thought-provoking questions in an uploaded IGTV, YouTube, or TikTok video
    • Upload slides from our small group series on Instagram or Facebook and encouraging students to comment their thoughts
      • Each small group lesson can be downloaded as a PDF and exported into images for direct upload

Our prayer is that our resources will be useful tools for your ministry as we navigate this unique season together. We invite you to join our community on social media as together we brainstorm solutions and share ideas for effective youth ministry in the days ahead.