Core Questions

A shared pursuit of the Christian faith

Historically, the Church has used the practice of catechism to instruct new believers in the essential beliefs of the Christian faith. This style of teaching has a three-fold purpose:


It systematically teaches the building blocks of the Christian faith.


Its conversational style creates opportunities to challenge cultural heresies.


It forms a community based around common beliefs and conversation.

Core Questions Devotional

A devotional book containing 70 questions and answers that explore core scriptural truths

All of our series can be used on their own. The Devotional Book is an optional supplemental resource that provides a way for students to dive deeper into the essential questions and respond to application questions on their own. The devotional covers all 70 core spiritual truths. 

Order copies for your entire ministry, or for your youth volunteers to lead more intentional discussions in small group gatherings.

We’re passionate about reviving the practice of catechism among Gen Z with resources that are conversation-based and relationally driven.


A summary of the principles of Christian religion in the form of questions and answers, used for religious instruction.

Our version of catechism contains 70 essential questions and is not associated with a particular Christian denomination. Our goal was to construct a catechism centered on core biblical convictions that the majority of evangelical protestants from different denominational backgrounds would agree with.