Feed Cohorts

Feed Cohorts

Join the Feed Youth Ministry Community today and become part of an innovative group of youth pastors and leaders! Our free digital cohorts are designed to help you sharpen your skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and positively impact the lives of young people in your community. Through our cohorts, you'll learn valuable insights and practical strategies for engaging and inspiring youth and gain access to a supportive network of leaders who share your passion for ministry. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to grow as a leader and make a difference in the lives of Gen Z. Sign up for our free digital cohorts today!

Rethink Youth Ministry

Begins May 14th

How do we as pastors and leaders better disciple Gen Z students? We developed a FREE, 4-week cohort called “Rethink Youth Ministry” to help you do that! In this cohort, we will unpack insightful research and the Feed philosophy of youth ministry. We believe you’ll be both encouraged and challenged + make great connections from around the country.

Engaging Gen Z with Scripture

Begins August 6th

The Word of God is foundational to a young person’s faith and calls for meaningful engagement. In this FREE, 3-week cohort, we’ll join theologian Jesse Stone as he presents innovative ways for Gen Z to understand and relate to Scripture. We believe you’ll be equipped, inspired, and make great friends.

Gender Identity

Begins October 24th

Helping Gen Z understand a Biblical view of gender identity is critically important. Join us for this FREE, 4-week cohort as we unpack insights that will equip you to have these conversations confidently.