Prayer and Worship

In this series, you and your students will explore how prayer and worship are not only part of the ongoing conversation we have with a relational God but are expressions of dependence and love that come from a grateful heart for what Jesus did for us on the cross

Breaking the Mold: Who Is God?

In this series, you will lead your students in the  ways they can know who God is and explore the difference between knowing about God and having
an authentic relationship with him.


Christianity is more than just another spiritual option. It uniquely tells us the truth about God, the world, and ourselves. Sin has tricked and trapped us in a life-constricting parody of reality apart from our Creator. Jesus came to free us from sin, so we could learn to live in the life-affirming light of the real world with God. This 8-week series covers the foundations of the Christian faith.

The Big Story

The Bible is central to our faith, but what is it? How do all its pieces fit together, and what do they have to do with life today? In this four-week series, your students will engage in these and more questions, so they can discover for themselves the strange new world of the Bible.


The Greek word for church is ekklesia,  “called out.” This series will invite your students to consider just how awesome it is to be a part of God’s boundary-crossing family, called out of a life of sin and isolation and into a life of love and service.