Christianity is more than just another spiritual option. It uniquely tells us the truth about God, the world, and ourselves. Sin has tricked and trapped us in a life-constricting parody of reality apart from our Creator. Jesus came to free us from sin, so we could learn to live in the life-affirming light of the real world with God. This 8-week series covers the foundations of the Christian faith.

Made for a Mission

Made for a mission

When we hear the word “missions,” we often think of missionaries who’ve raised support and live in foreign countries or short-term missions trips our students take in the summer. And while “missions” includes these things, all followers of Jesus are called to live their lives on mission all the time. When we give our lives to Jesus, we join in God’s big, ongoing mission to redeem the world.

God, Faith, and My Mind: Three Mental Health Conversations

Mental health is a topic that the Church cannot ignore any longer. Our research shows that this is an issue your students care deeply about – and are struggling with themselves. This three-lesson series will help you facilitate meaningful discussions about what the Bible says about mental health.


The four lessons in this series help prepare your students’ hearts for the Christmas season by explaining why the world needed a Savior and how we should respond to His birth, life, death, and resurrection.

Sharing the Gospel

This three-lesson series will help your students understand the power and importance of evangelism – equipping them with confidence to share the Gospel with their friends.