What is Feed and
why is it so important?

What Do We Know About Gen Z?


Gen Z is driven by, dependent on, and addicted to technology.

57% of Gen Z look at a screen for over 4+ hours a day.4


Despite social media, Gen Z is more isolated and less connected.

Physical interaction between teens has dropped by 40%+ since 2000.5


Personal success is very important to Gen Z.

60% of U.S. teens expect to have multiple careers by age 30.6


Gen Z is unashamed to be the least religious generation ever.

34% of Gen Z has indicated their religious affiliation as atheist, agnostic, or “none”.7

What is Feed?

Feed is a community of leaders and innovators who are dedicated to seeing youth ministries in North America succeed in raising up the next generation of Christians. We propose a new way of thinking and going about youth ministry in the local church that has been specifically tailored to the unique characteristics and spiritual needs of today’s youth – Gen Z.

Designed by and for the local church, Feed products are aimed at rethinking youth ministry by addressing the specific needs of today’s youth in a way that is relatable and relevant.

Why Trust Feed?

We’re dedicated to developing and implementing a strategy that is driven by research.

We’re relentless in our pursuit of innovative ways of engaging young people.

We get young people and recognize the cultural moment that they are living in

We gather and learn from church leaders, ministry practitioners, and innovative thinkers who work directly with young people.

What is the Feed way of thinking?

Our research-driven strategy to engage teens in the local church is anchored in three core values:

Open and honest dialogue

We believe teens need a welcoming space to bring their hard questions and doubts about God, the world, and themselves.

Robust Scripture engagement

Teens need to be invited to actively engage with God’s Word to help them build a foundation of faith in the midst of a post-truth culture.

Outcome-based ministry models

We affirm the value of using biblically shaped goals to design our ministry activity, measuring both progress and failure.

Learn the core values that shape our way of thinking.

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