About Feed

Feed works to equip the local church with resources to engage Gen Z in open and honest conversation around biblical truths.

our Beliefs

Feed was not designed to promote or privilege one Christian theological tradition over others. Our goal from the beginning has been to construct resources centered on core biblical convictions that the majority of evangelical protestants from different denominational backgrounds would agree with. We believe Paul’s words about Scripture from 2 Timothy 3:16-17, and we aim to help young people understand biblical texts in their historical, theological, and canonical contexts. We also believe, with Paul, that Scripture is useful for training and forming us today. We always want to help young people think about how they are supposed to live in response to the biblical truths covered in our resources.


Leading youth pastors, theologians, researchers, and ministry leaders collaborate to create Feed resources. The team that designs Feed resources is theologically diverse. We have individuals from Reformed, Baptist, and Pentecostal-Charismatic backgrounds, as well as youth ministry practitioners and writers who specialize in reaching our target demographic. Despite our differences, we share a common commitment to the centrality and authority of God’s Word for Christian theology, and we all believe that we could affirm the truths of the Feed catechism from within the context of our own theological traditions.

Feed is an initiative of OneHope, a ministry that equips the Church with resources to reach the next generation. OneHope has reached more than 2 billion children and youth with a relevant presentation of God’s Word over the past +30 years.

Why Trust Feed?

We’re dedicated to developing and implementing a strategy that is driven by research.

We’re relentless in our pursuit of innovative ways of engaging young people.

We get young people and recognize the cultural moment that they are living in.

We gather and learn from church leaders, ministry practitioners, and innovative thinkers who work directly with young people.

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