State of Gen Z – the youth of today

35 %

of youth in the U.S. believe that the church is irrelevant and hypocritical.1

60 %

of young people who grow up in Christian churches end up walking away.2

75 %

of U.S. Christian teens read the Bible only once a month or less.3

So, what does Gen Z want from the church?





Feed is a community of youth innovators who envision new ways of thinking and doing youth ministry that are tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of Generation Z.

Feed offers youth pastors FREE powerful resources and tools to understand their youth better and to help teens grow in a relationship with Christ.

Online platform
for youth pastors

Practical resources
to engage youth

Designed by and for
the local church

Making youth ministry
relatable and relevant

Feed is a huge step forward in discipling students who live in a globalized world that’s based on what’s new and what’s next on social media.

Next Gen Pastor, River Valley Church

What is Feed’s response?


Encourage your youth to ask questions and have open discussions about their faith.

Catechism offers teens what they want – honest answers to tough questions about the core truths of Christianity.

Our Catechism resources include a devotional and a small group series in Q&A format. These will offer teens engaging conversations rather than just religious information.


Equip yourself with practical tools that will help you understand your youth better.

Insights offers you what you need – a scientific way of assessing the spiritual health of your church teens.

Our Insights resources include assessment tools to help you gauge where your teens stand on spiritual matters.
These tools will also provide customized feedback on engaging your youth.

Connect with us

Tell us about yourself. We’d love to talk with you about
how Feed can serve your local youth ministry.


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